About Us

Our highly qualified therapists come from many accredited university's and were trained in programs all across the United States such as Florida, Michigan, and New York. They will evaluate and create an individualized plan for your child to help them meet their goals.

  • Certified by the State
  • Intense Training Provided
  • Experienced with a full range of Disabilities
  • Services offered at home, daycare, schools, and our main office
  • Compassionate and caring therapists

Little Tesla Pediatric Therapy was opened to serve the needs of children in our ever growing community. Over the years, the clinic has earned praise for its continuous improvement in patients abilities and consistently high levels of patient satisfaction. We have continued to grow relationships with pediatric practices and neurology specialists to continue to establish plans for our patients that their primary caregivers approve of. During the summer, Little Tesla Pediatric Therapy worked in Eastern Europe with children with disabilities. We built a playground, organized a soccer tournament and build first autism classroom in Serbia.

Join Our Team

Little Tesla pediatric Therapy is looking for licensed Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to join our team! We are always looking to hire and need help to service the needs to our clients in the Orlando area!

If you are interested in joining our professional team, please email your resume to: littletesla73@gmail.com

We look forward to meet you!