What to expect

The first step to beginning therapy services is to contact your pediatrician or specialist. If Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy are needed, the physician will write a prescription for a therapy evaluation. To schedule the evaluation, please contact 321/732-3723 . During the intake call, we will collect pertinent information from you about your child and any recommendations or concerns for therapy. We will also collect your insurance information to obtain a quote of your benefits and coverage for therapy services. This information and a link to our new patient forms will be shared with you prior to your initial evaluation or treatment session.

The evaluation process typically lasts about one hour and appointments are scheduled upon availability. During the evaluation, one of our licensed therapists will meet with you and your child for a parent interview, standardized assessment, and clinical observations. All of our evaluations and therapy sessions are functional yet play based to help maximize your child's skills and participation in their treatment. The evaluation results will determine if therapy is warranted for your child. Once the assessment is complete, the therapist will make a recommendation for therapy services. You will receive a detailed, written report with assessment scores, treatment recommendations, and goals for therapy if applicable.

The completed evaluation will be sent to your child’s primary care physician for approval of our treatment plan. Once approval has been received from their PCP an authorization will be sent to your insurance company to request authorization for the amount of therapy being recommended. Once we receive approval from your insurance provider, our Scheduling Coordinator will work with you to find an appointment time(s) that is best suited for your schedule based on the therapist's recommendations. Because of the busy lives of families today, we offer extended hours during the week. ​