Brain Education Exercises For Kids

Let’s prepare our children’s brains to be ready for learning. Here are a few exercises kids can follow to become more relaxed, focused, and flexible, to be able to learn new things easily. Brain Education (BE) is a method developed by Ilchi Lee, for developing our innate human capacity for health, well-being, optimal achievement, and peacefulness through better self-management of the brain. It is an educational program designed to promote health, happiness, peacefulness, and achievement. It aims to develop people’s creative efficacy through innovative training focused on the brain.

Bright-Eyes Exercise

Children can experience eye fatigue when reading, studying and working on computers. Make this simple exercise part of your routine in order to avoid eye problems:

  • Clap your hands together 20 times and then rub them together until your palms are quite warm.
  • Place your cupped hands over your eyes. Open your eyes and feel the warmth penetrating into them.
  • Rotate the eyes in a circle, first to the right and then to the left. Keep your hands over them.
  • Now uncover your eyes and look up with your eyes, feeling the stretch in your eye muscles. Look down, and to the left and right.

Circuit Drawing : Infinity Drawing

These simple drawing activities provide a couple of very valuable benefits. First, they increase hand-eye coordination; and second, they create a meditative rhythm that helps to soothe and calm the brain waves.

Don’t forget to switch hands to develop the nondominant side of the brain. This exercise can be used as a calming mediation and to help children focus more clearly.

  • Illustrate to the child what a “lazy eight” infinity symbol looks like.
  • Draw the infinity symbol with a crayon. Preferably, use large paper so the child’s whole arm can move, not just the wrist. Keep tracing the symbol for several minutes until the movement is smooth and balanced.
  • Now, switch hands and keep tracing. If you like, switch crayon color. Continue until the movement is smooth and relaxed. Optionally, try drawing the infinity with eyes closed.

Balancing Exercise: Tree

Try these exercises to help children develop better balance and focus. Before beginning, have children tap their fingertips gently on their lower abdomen, just below the belly button, to find their center of gravity. Remind them to focus on that point as they attempt to balance.

  • Stand with your feet together and your palms in the prayer position.
  • Slowly bring one foot up, placing the bottom of the foot as high as you can on the inner thigh. Push your knee out to the side. (If this is difficult at first, place the foot lower on the leg.)
  • Slowly extend your arms up and out to the side, creating a V-shape with your arms.